Q: What do you agree with?

A: I fully agree with the presentation because were still using an education system that was made many years ago that could be revamped. Also I think with all the homework from different classes, kids begin to loose focus and organization then start slacking off and not doing their homework which leads to poor grades. Every student learns at their own pace and I think the school system needs to make sure that every student is understanding everything before going on with the next subject.

Q: What do you disagree with?

A: I don't disagree with anything.

Q: What suggestions do you have to make it better?

A: I'm not quite sure what would make the presentation better because I think it was a great presentation and the person spoke in a clear loud voice. I understood everything and enjoyed watching the cartoon drawings.

Q: What was interesting?

A: It was really interesting to find out that students are being given prescription drugs to improve their learning ability. Secondly, the presentation made me think about our school system and how it really is killing creativity by telling us what to think instead of how to think.

Zack Madriz
9/9/2013 10:58:10

I liked how much detail you had in the first answer. But I feel like this post was a bit blank and dead. I think it should have had more connections and examples to your own experience and further to what you think. Overall, I liked it and it has good detail, but just feels a bit like a worksheet we get from school

1/2/2016 05:24:08

Buddy it honestly sucked A-Z


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