I selected photo editing because I think it’s really cool to see what you could do to completely redesign a picture or create something from scratch and make it look good. I hope that I can become better at Photoshop by learning from the internet. I’ve learnt a lot about the history of Photoshop and have gotten new ideas to create from browsing online. I’ve improved a lot from the time I started learning Photoshop but still want to learn more so hopefully one day I’ll become an expert. I believe my greatest resource so far has to be the internet because I wouldn’t have learnt anything about Photoshop without it. I’ve gotten video tutorials and information about how to do things in Photoshop from blogs and websites.

My next step is to fully learn Photoshop and I plan to study and practice every day to improve my knowledge about the program. My biggest challenge so far has been thinking up photo ideas to edit because I’m not sure if it would turn out well. My perspective has changed from when I started learning about Photoshop because I now know that anyone can learn Photoshop as long as you try because I used to think it was really hard but started practicing and finally got the hang of it. I hope our final project is presented well and hopefully everyone likes it.

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