My partner and I finished all 3 of our presentation pictures and are now finishing up creating the speech. So far this project was very fun to do and create and allowed us to work together to get stuff done faster.We would put our creative minds together to think of new cool ideas to put into our project. There was some problems here and there like technical difficulties but we worked them out and now are ready to go to present.
We hope everyone likes our project and enjoys watching it
My partner and I have been working hard to finish up our project and we have made a lot of progress and nearly done. Our hardest challenge recently was practicing how were going to present in front of the classroom. Our goal is that we present swiftly and do a great presentation without any mistakes. We hope that our classmates enjoy learning about all the cool things were going to put in our presentation. We had been working together and haven't had any problems so far with thinking of new ideas to input.
My partner and I have been thinking of new wonderful ideas to input into our project.
We have been working together efficiently and hard to create an interesting presentation that the audience will appreciate. We have been trying new ways to create our presentation
My experience so far in Genius Hour Reflection has been a really good experience because my partner and I have been working together and  accomplishing our tasks. We set ourselves goals to complete by fixed date to help us stay on task. My partner is new to Photoshop but I've been helping him out and so far hes learning a lot. I've also learnt a lot from internet examples and have tried to incorporate new ideas into our project. My partner and I are pretty good at thinking of new ideas for our project. Were thinking to make a video presentation and to incorporate audio,images and text  and to get the audience involved by asking them questions.

I think my partner and I biggest challenge was creating the images we are going to use for the presentation because they take hours to finish and we need to add or delete aspects of our images to get the best result. Another challenge for us was to get good quality photos but we wanted to take the pictures ourselves so we decided to take pictures inside the school and outside to make it more interesting for our viewers. My hope for the final product is that we have a well planned presentation and that our photoshopped images will impress the audience 
I selected photo editing because I think it’s really cool to see what you could do to completely redesign a picture or create something from scratch and make it look good. I hope that I can become better at Photoshop by learning from the internet. I’ve learnt a lot about the history of Photoshop and have gotten new ideas to create from browsing online. I’ve improved a lot from the time I started learning Photoshop but still want to learn more so hopefully one day I’ll become an expert. I believe my greatest resource so far has to be the internet because I wouldn’t have learnt anything about Photoshop without it. I’ve gotten video tutorials and information about how to do things in Photoshop from blogs and websites.

My next step is to fully learn Photoshop and I plan to study and practice every day to improve my knowledge about the program. My biggest challenge so far has been thinking up photo ideas to edit because I’m not sure if it would turn out well. My perspective has changed from when I started learning about Photoshop because I now know that anyone can learn Photoshop as long as you try because I used to think it was really hard but started practicing and finally got the hang of it. I hope our final project is presented well and hopefully everyone likes it.

Hi I'm Mohamed, I'm a 15 year old boy that goes to L.A Matheson and is in grade 10. I enjoy playing video games with friends in spare time. Some of my favourite video games are Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto. I also like playing sports such as soccer and basketball. I like to watch Breaking Bad and Dexter.


    Hi, my name is Mohamed Mbarak and this is my blog.