My experience so far in Genius Hour Reflection has been a really good experience because my partner and I have been working together and  accomplishing our tasks. We set ourselves goals to complete by fixed date to help us stay on task. My partner is new to Photoshop but I've been helping him out and so far hes learning a lot. I've also learnt a lot from internet examples and have tried to incorporate new ideas into our project. My partner and I are pretty good at thinking of new ideas for our project. Were thinking to make a video presentation and to incorporate audio,images and text  and to get the audience involved by asking them questions.

I think my partner and I biggest challenge was creating the images we are going to use for the presentation because they take hours to finish and we need to add or delete aspects of our images to get the best result. Another challenge for us was to get good quality photos but we wanted to take the pictures ourselves so we decided to take pictures inside the school and outside to make it more interesting for our viewers. My hope for the final product is that we have a well planned presentation and that our photoshopped images will impress the audience 

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